Firewall goes down during 5.9 update

Huge disappointment for me.

Can you please be more specific about the problem that you encountered.

If you’re referring to Windows firewall this is supposed to be disabled during the install.


I’ve been using a cracked software, and it was always blocked by CIS. After update to 5.9 it doesn’t work anymore. You know how it goes. :wink:

Don’t confuse with CIS’s systray icon disappearing with CIS itself shutting down. During any update CIS always closes the front-end process (CFP.EXE) and this is no way effects CIS functionality, it would still be fully functional and blocking/filtering during this time.

If you say so. I only know what I said. I can’t confirm it.

You should be able to confirm what I said: Close CIS’s front-end (CFP.EXE). You should notice that there is no impact on CIS’s functionality.

How did you perform CIS’s update?

Just regular update. Not clean install.

I will try to verify my comments later by restoring system image file from few weeks back and doing CIS update .
I will report back.

OK, thanks.

Ok, I restored my system from the image file, updated CIS and couldn’t reproduce the problem.
Everything works ok.