Firewall gives no access to searchengine-pages


I am new here and my comodo firewall gives trouble accessing to searchengine-pages such as Google, Yahoo, etc. and even wikipedia and a few others.
95% of all my needed URLs can be reached and opened.
So does anybody have a solution for this?
I already reinstalled comodo fw with and without my antivir software - no changes…


Hi Joe, welcome to the forums.

You’ve created this in the wrong section, your post will not get enough exposure here. So, I’m going to shift it to CFPs Help section.

You should also confirm the following…

OS you’re using.
CFP version.
Which AV you’re using.

You might want to also check CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see if there any corresponding blocks at the same time you cannot get web access.

If you need help with the Log entries, CFPs Log can be Exported to an HTML file by right-clicking on the Log & selecting Export to HTML. This will export the entire Log to an HTML file. Open the HTML file with your default browser (the one you’re using now) and use a simple click-drag-select Copy ‘n’ Paste to post quoted example Log entries here. Like this (from an old Log of mine)…

Date/Time :2006-08-13 20:33:09 Severity :Medium Reporter :Network Monitor Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = MS-ds(445)) Protocol: TCP Incoming Source: Remote: TCP Flags: SYN Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 3