Firewall gives me "Limited or No Connectivity" when set to "Custom"

Hello, all. I’ve been using Comodo since about October '07 now, and I haven’t had a single problem with it, until right before Christmas. My problem is that unless my firewall is set to “Allow All,” I can’t get on the internet, my anti-virus can’t update, nor can any other program for that matter.

I’ve tried to set it to “Block All,” then set it back to “Custom,” but that only works for about 5 minutes before it starts to block everything again. Here’s what it says in the About tab, as I’m even confused to what version I’m running anymore:

COMODO Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0

I’ve reverted my Component Monitor from On back to Learning Mode in the hopes that it would sort itself out, but this is getting nerve wracking now. Any help is appreciated.


Am I missing something in the original post? Is there no one who can help me resolve this issue?

As I’ve stated, if I set Comodo to “Custom” I get the “Limited or No Connectivity” notice from my Local Area Connection -same notice I get if I set it (normally) to “Block All.” I’ve re-installed the entire program, and am using version; Database version 3.0.

I’m getting a bit tired of having to set my firewall to “Allow All” just in order to gain access to the Internet. There seems to be no use for a firewall, if that’s the case. I might as well just turn off my modem and get the exact same effects.


Brown Bear

My problem “everything blocked after downloading” provided me with only one suspicion as to why cfp is blocking all connections - I’m no expert but since neither of us are getting help from experts…

Trojan - malware or rootkit may have infiltrated your system so that even just default rules in cfp stops unqualified connecting.

If it connects ok in Allow All then it’s something either you have blocked OR and here I guess - cfp may be blocking bad behaviour by default.

IF someone here could help us both shed light on - CAN MALWARE CAUSE CFP TO BLOCK ALL CONNECTIONS???

Sure would be helpful to know.
I found trojans / backdoors when I scanned with Spyware Doctor free version and AVG Anti-spyware and removed them. Same problem - I still can’t connect after any download.

Don’t know if I need to keep trying other malware scanners or if something is broken in CFP.

Anyone Help??? 2 for 1!

PS: If you may be infected (strange behavior for no apparent reason) Scan for malware with various scanners - two or three never seem to be enough, but two above and super antispyware free all have very good track record.

Anyone reading… HELP!

I’ve scanned my computer with Avast!, AVG, Webroot Spy Sweeper, and Kaspersky’s anti-virus programs (I actually re-installed Kaspersky, Webroot, & AVG just to see the different results, if any), and all three pulled up no - I repeat, NO - spyware, malware, Trojans, or anything. My computer is cleaner than Paris Hilton, in a manner of speaking. I’m very cautious as to what sites I visit when my Anti-Virus programs are on/off.

I just wish I had a FIREWALL that would work as efficient as my anti virus program(s) of choice.

On another note, I have installed Comodo on my girlfriend’s laptop, and have set her’s to “custom” with the same settings as mine, and guess what? HER’S STILL WORKS! It sure would be nice if someone would at least ask a question about my settings or something. I mean, this section is named “HELP for v2,” not “Post your problem(s) you’re having with v2, while we all point and laugh.”