Firewall forgets internet connection

I recently started up my system and a Comodo box popped up, finding a “new” network connection. The box listed what I thought was my existing router connection, but it unfortunately not the correct one. So I was now without an internet connection. I could not find any way to fix the problem, other than uninstalling and reinstaling the firewall software.

How does the firewall forget my connection after months of always finding it? How do I fix the problem without having to reinstall? Is this a bug that should be reported?

I guess the best thing is to do is open the network connections box, find and memorize your connection name. When you remember the right name and change it in the box everything is fine. If not …

Do you remember in what range the IP address was that the pop up gave? the 169.x.y.z, the 192.x.y.x or the 10.x.y.z range?

When Windows cannot find a network it will create an IP address in the 169 range for the network adapter. Usually it means there is some hardware problem when you see an address in the 169 range.

There was no numerical internet address asked for or given by the pop-up. If it had asked for the numerical address I would have entered In the window was a Step 1 box for the network connection name and in it was “Local Area Connection 1”. This matches the format used in the Windows Network connections page, except that during prior bout (on my last computer build) with this problem I ended up with “Local Area Connection 3” as my new working connection. Step 2 dealt with enabling file and print sharing through the connection. Once I hit OK in this window my network connection was gone.

Unfortunately I did not remember the number 3 and I could not get a connection. I looked for a way to change it but was unable to find it in the help firewall help. I wonder how many users actually know this naming convention after setting up a computer? I know I didn’t. Once I uninstalled the network connected to the router and I verified the problem was not in hardware or the XP OS. The new install found and used the connection.

In the future I will remember the connection name so it won’t be a problem for me again. I just can’t help but think of others with less than even my meager skills, dealing with the same problem.They are going to need help.

I am not totally sure the connection problem is caused by the firewall.

Next time the connection problem happens again let Windows repair the connection. That can be typically done by selecting the LAN connection icon and then giving a right click and then choosing to repair.

If I answer with the right connection name CIS allows my computer to connect to the internet. If not Windows doesn’t see any connection and repair does not work. No other computers connected to the router are affected. I have found no option available to change or correct the connection name in CIS. To simplify, once this happens, booting the computer with CIS enabled blocks the internet access. Booting without CIS I have access. I am reasonably sure if I had an option to change the connection name in CIS everything would work as usual. If I make an error I should be able to correct it, but I do not know how. I sure wish I had taken a screen shot of the popup.

Are you using a wired connection to your router? Next time the problem happens look at the Firewall logs and post a screenshot of them. The logs can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Alerts

Also disable the Firewall; that can be easiest done from the systray: click right on the CIS icon → Firewall Security Level → set to disabled. Does that fix the problem?

I have been using the firewall almost since its initial release and this problem has shown up twice in the last two years. If it happens again I will post the logs, but on the whole everything usually works flawlessly. Disabling the firewall does allow an internet connection through the hardwired connection. As a retired electrician all the ethernet connections in my house are wired.

Disabling the firewall allows me to restore the internet connection. The only way I have found to use the firewall again is to reinstall CIS. I think all this popup box needs is a message to open the Network Connections page and enter the connection name in the box. Without an option to edit this connection name anywhere in the software options I don’t think it is wise to have one already filled in.

I wonder if you could get a look at this box if you disabled the firewall, renamed your connection and rebooted? Something I don’t really want to try, unless I unless I put together a spare computer and try it then.

What do you mean with Network Connections page? It sounds like the page in Vista where Wireless networks are shown. Can you post a sceenshot of that page? What OS are you using?

I never did say I was running Windows XP Pro with service pack 3, my mistake. Network Connections is a Control Panel applet that lists all network connections on the computer. As a retired electrician all the connections in my house are wired, I don’t have a wireless router, and don’t plan on getting one.