Firewall feature request: show destination address name instead of IP addres

Comodo firewall is great, but it lacks one feature that would make it even better.
When Comodo firewall warns of a connection attempt, it tells you the remote IP address. This is great, but knowing the domain name attached to this IP would be even better for making a decision to allow or deny the connection.

It would be great if this feature could be implemented in a future version of Comodo firewall.


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i second that

Very important to be useful!
Before CFP I had Sygate Personal Firewall installed. This good old thing had this feature. :BNC

Additionally Sygate had the domain names in the event log. I miss this in CFP

yes domain name and a flag of the country would be nice… or a look up map, (google maps, yahoo maps, live maps… or other geo tools maps…)



This would be really nice because it makes it much more easy to verify whether the connection attempt is admissable or not.;new


I had SPF too and I too miss this feature in comodo.

I wonder if this has been considered as a future feature. Can someone in the know comment?

+1 Helpful feature. :-TU

I hope this comes :-TU , I will add this request to Usabilty Memeber topic before V.4 comes out

Could someone from COMODO comment on this request? Is there any plans to implement this. Now that COMODO has secure DNS, this should be easy.

Excellent idea. The Alert pop-ups disappear without allowing enough time to read the data and then to set the browser to do a Whois on the IP number, then to consider the information enough to make a well-informed decision. Please do this!


Nothing yet…hmmmm

Yes, disappointing there is still no Comodo team response on this much-needed feature, since Omeletguy promised to push it forward in June 2009 for inclusion in v4.0, and now we are up to v5.4.x.x. I suppose that some impediments might be the complexities of locating the correct registrar these days, given the increasing numbers of regional registrars, and also the trend toward requiiring captchas on whois requests. These might be tough nuts to ■■■■■. It would be appreciated if Melih or a Comodo team member could advise us users.

You’re reading a bit more into what OmeletGuy actually said.

All he said was that he hopes it will be added, and he’d make a request in the Usability Study forum.

I’m sure he did make the post he said he would, but since OmeletGuy is just a user like you or I, making a request is all he can do. What does or does not get added to CIS is completely up to the developers.

So, what do you yourself know about how the developers received Omeletguy’s input?

P.S. Didn’t say or imply Omeletguy failed to follow through. Perhaps you are reading a bit more into what my post said. Comment on the non-response since 2009 of developer team was meant to be taken for what it’s worth, and simply as stated, it’s disappointing. And it’s perhaps understandable, to the extent that my comments on possible impediments are valid. Over and out.

I don’t know any more than you do about what the developers think of the suggestion.

Please if this is implemented then an option should be made available to turn it off as it will increase n/w traffic and uses bandwidth because of lookup.