Firewall Events

I’m not getting any firewall events in the latest CIS Beta. It always remains at zero. Settings are default as far as I know. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this.

Alright, if no one has the courtesy to give me an answer, let’s go look at the new Online Armor 4.5, for now.

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It has only been three hours. Not everyone has been back on here yet. Are you sure you’ve had an event that should have been recorded on the Event Viewer?
I am seeing events recorded on mine, but only those events that should be shown.
If you are thinking all events should be logged, then you need to edit your rules to have everything logged.

Firewall does not show the incoming traffic blocked when all incoming are set to blocked as there is no firewall logging for the same, when we test the firewall with it says all are stealthed port but firewall log does not show anything (outpost or kaspersky shows blocked the ip address but comodo does not show anything) second comodo three was showing blocked connection but from V4 onwards its not showing anything. i m using broadband dial up so i m directly exposed to IP address not like reuters.

If you wish to see the blocked reports, you need to enable (check) the Log option to record them.
Check to see if this is the case.

how could be it be seen in comodo?? what options u r talking about, i dont see in the logging menu it has three options for disable to log.

The option to enable logging is in the rules themselves. You will have to select the rule, and edit it.
The check box is on the upper right of the edit window.

I think you have not understood my point, I am talking about the outside unwanted connections coming to my pc which firewall blocked (such as port scanning, or some kind of attack). Now could you please tell me exactly where i can enable the logging of those events in V5 Beta or V4. please specify the path in comodo because i m novis.

Edit : ok got the point. thanx for the reply.

Please let me know under normal circumstances, is it possible to penetrate the comodo firewall from outside. becuase my pc is on for more than 12 hours a day and in that few our ideal time where just google talk, Outlook and feeddemon.exe is online. I m just worried if anyone can hack my PC or just comodo is doing its JOB of protecting me from outside attack by blocking all the attacking IP address.

Thankx for no reply at least seems everyone is busy. Thank you and bye.