Firewall Events

Comodo Firewall version 3 3022349

What are these firewall events? They look OK to me as network activity and when I try to print over LAN.But they also occur when I do not do anything

Application = System

Axction = allowed

Protocol =UDP

Source IP

Source port =137

Destination IP =

Destination port=137

Date/time =Various

Check your application rules for System. Looks like the “log” box may be checked.

They are nbname/ nbdatagram messages sent out to announce that a machine is on the network via the netbios.


They are OK then? Do they give any indication why i cannot print over LAN

Hi David,

Its a real strange one this as you are able to share over the network just not print files from the Vista pc.I wonder if this could be anything to with Comodo not trusted non fixed drives in clean pc mode or above.Have you tried putting Defence+ in “Training Mode” and then printing something,worth a shot.


Hi Matty, Yes I have tried putting Defence+ in “Training Mode” . In fact I tried turning Comodo off altogether but I still can’t print . Thanks for the suggestion though