Firewall Events shows Windows Operating System blocked. Should I let it?

Hello! I just registered on this forum today for the sole purpose of getting some explanations of what this Windows Operating System application that is being blocked by COMODO Firewall really is. Here’s what Firewall Events shows:

Application: Windows Operating System – I need to know the REAL application it represents.
Action: Blocked
Protocol: UDP
Source IP: 192.168.x.x – this is the LAN IP address of my router.
Source Port: 1031
Destination IP: 192.168.xx – this is my computer’s IP address, which is connected to the router wirelessly.
Destinaiton Port: 53

What I don’t understand is, why is my router trying to communicate with my computer without having me to initiate the process first? What information is it trying to send? And is it okay to ignore it or should I let it through? I’m completely lost here for I don’t know exactly what I’m dealing with and where to start. So, I’m really hoping that some knowledgeable folk out there could at least enlighten me of this particular matter.


Hey and Welcome!

can you surf?

comodo firewall blocks many connections also here but that doesn’t bother me. So don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Thanks Valentinchen! Yes, I can go online. But I’m just curious on why my router is communicating with my computer. In your Firewall Events, do you also see a Windows Operating System application with Source IP of your router and Destination IP of your computer?

you computer needs to communicate with your router; otherwise wouldn’t have internet connection.


I left my computer for 3 hours and then checked the Firewall Events again. It now shows 16 more of the same Windows Operating System application being blocked. The source IP is my router’s (192.168.x.x), so the router initiated the communication first, not my computer.

[tr][td]Application[/td][td]Action[/td][td]Protocol[/td][td]Source IP[/td][td]Source Port[/td][td]Destination IP[/td][td]Destination Port[/td][/tr][tr][td]Windows Operating System[/td][td]Blocked[/td][td]UDP[/td][td]192.168.x.x - Router IP[/td][td]1031[/td][td]192.168.x.x - Computer IP[/td][td]53[/td][/tr]

What is interesting is that the blocked application is now using source port 1031–before, the source port was 1033.

Thanks again for your reply!