Firewall Events Logs Empty

After trying something else for a few months I reinstalled CIS.

I have noticed:

  1. The firewall events ‘All the times’ logs (actually all logs) are still empty.
  2. The defense+ events logs are chocked full of data.

When my WiFi was installed the installer told me I would be behind their routers in their shop.

Is this normal? Shouldn’t there be firewall events recorded in the logs?

So, am I to assume that silence mean everything is working properly?

And that by my being behind my IPs routher (I do not have a router) there will be NO Firewall Event Log events listed?

Or is this another of those many CIS questions for which there is no answer.

WOW, so many answers i don’t know from which to choose!

Hi CU9876,

It is possible that there just are no blocks to display.
But also note that without more information, would be helpers don’t know where to even begin.

How are you connecting to net?
You have no router or modem?
Please provide some details about your service type?

Not saying I’ll know the answer for you, but as vague as it stands now.
You could be waiting some time.


I have the same question as CU9876. I’m connected to Comcast directly thru modem. Have been using Comodo for almost 6 months now and don’t have a single firewall event. “0” intrusions have been blocked. Is this normal? I have logging enabled for firewall.