Firewall Events Log Shows Blocks On Intrusions From 169. Addresses

My firewall events log shows thousands of blocked intrusions from IP addresses such as etc. typically on port 7500 or 21302 and it is listed as a Windows operating system application. Can anyone tell me why I would be seeing these types of notifications repetitively? Thanks!

Having an IP address in the 169 range happens when Windows does not see a DHCP server to get an IP address from. It will then give its self an IP address in the 169 range. Usually it means there is no connection (broken cable, cable not properly connected, faulty NIC, or simply no connection to a modem or router).

Can you tell us what your network set up is? ADSL, cable, (wireless) router, etc…?

The 169 range is not “faulty”: it is the default dhcp lan range (together with the 10, 172 and 192 ranges).

If allowing dhcp and not forcing your computer to a static ip in the other ranges, one shall be affected (and shall effectively ensure a connection) in the 169 range.