Firewall event log of internet browser doesn't show what expected


I am using the avast webshield for surfing the web, therefore the Firefox internet browser does not directly access the web but via the webshield. So Firefox always sends requests to localhost (webshield) and the webshield sends the requests to the respective IP-address.
Therefore the settings in the firewall policy are

  • not logging Firefox requests
  • logging the request of the webshield.

This worked fine for a long time. I could see to which IP-addresses the webshield (the redirected browser requests) had connected.

Now I found, that since mid June the Firefox requests (all are logged and the webshield doesn’t appear in the log any more - without any changes in the firewall policy.

So I removed Firefox completely from the Firewall policy - and it is still logged.
Then I imported the back-up of CIS settings from that time, when the log still was correct - still Firefox is logged and not the webshield.
Restarting the system didn’ help either.
Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong?


By the way: it’s the same with Internet Explorer


Well: This is the setting, that makes the logging of firewall events change in the mentioned way:
(See screenshot) It is part of the settings for “All Applications”.
I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with this.
Anybody else?

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