Firewall event log empty?


Does anyone know why my Comodo firewall log is empty? Is Comodo not logging firewall events?

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Hi tim_comcog,

The ‘Enable Logging’ option is checked?
If the option ‘Delete it and create a new one’ is enabled when the log reaches the specified maximum size it will automatically deleted and a new one is created.

See if this can help you:
Log Settings

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I just noticed this as well: Suddenly, after the last update, all logs are empty, logging is enabled, but all logs are completely empty (though the program shows on the splash screen that there has been events logged).

I duno why this is not popping up in google more often and I do understand this topic is a year old but I have the exact same problem for quite a long time now with CIS.

No log event, zero, nada.

Yes, everything is turn on and I have verified other comodo and came to the same conclusion, CIS does not write log events at all anymore on all the computers I have check on my friends computers and mine.

This bug has lead me to question the security of CIS now since I can never see any IP access attemps, I cannot see A/V scan logs, I cannot see a darn thing. And by the way, this wouldn’t be due to setting since all these setups on my friends and my computers are totally different, so something else is at play here.

Also let me be crystal clear, I have tried clean install/reinstall of CIS, from zero, nothing before, and the empty log bug keeps coming back.

Are you displaying today’s firewall logs, or over a period?
Here’s mine for the current month:

[attachment deleted by admin]

How are your Global Rules settings? Can you post a screenshot?

Don’t think you guys got my point, it is not on my end. Every single installation I have verified on all my friends shows the exact same thing.

Empty logs.

This not my problem but a widespread problem. Might not cover everyone but it sure covers a great many people.

With the default settings the firewall allows every trusted executable without logging. The logs will only log when the firewall blocks and it is asking.

When setting the Global Rules to block all incoming connections it won’t log blocking with the default settings. You will have to change the block rule at the bottom to block and log. I don’t know from the top of my head how much the firewall logs when using the Alert on incoming connections settings but that may be very little when making the rules for how to respond to traffic from the local network. Once that is done it will likely be quiet.

What do you expect the firewall to log? What Global Rules settings are you using?

It seems to be very difficult to convince Comodo support that all of its users are not total newb morons… I know its pointless, and probably won’t change anything, but I would just like to add to this topic. Comodo logs disappear, just as HIPS rules suddenly vanish (this has been reported in MANY topics over many past YEARS and still the problem hasn’t been resolved, nor has it appeared anyone has attempted to resolve the issue.) Let me be clear, I have custom firewall rules setup that I SPECIFICALLY instruct to log when triggered… and they do… for a very short time. While having my Comodo log viewer open, I can see the Firewall (and other sections) logs concerning the rules I have setup. Then minutes later, after I click refresh, they are all GONE. This isn’t about the logs getting too big or expiring, as I will only have 2-3 entries in the logs across all categories, and they are only minutes old. This is about a BUG being present in Comodo products that is causing the logs to be deleted at seemingly random intervals (we’re talking minutes or hours, not days.) If anyone at Comodo would actually like to attempt to resolve this problem, I would be happy to provide more information about my setup, but being that I have never received ANY indication of anyone ever wanting to resolve a problem at Comodo, I am not going to waste my time describing the problem and my setup in detail. If you reply to this topic and ask for more information and assure me that someone is actually looking into this problem, I would be happy to provide more details (although at this point, I think the problem of disappearing HIPS rules that has been occurring for years for many, many users, and has been reported across 5-15 threads, is much more important to be fixed.) I’m sure you guys at Comodo could care less, but I will not be using any of your products for much longer… the problems present are simply massive and unforgivable for a security product.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but without a bug report there is no chance the bug will get fixed. :-\