Firewall event help

Hey everyone, First of all… Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section :wink:

My question is pretty simple, but I just don’t know what the answer is =/ so
I’m here for help :stuck_out_tongue:

I have so much firewall events and I’m just not sure why they’re so much… How do I remove them ?

A large number of them have been made by McAfee, Not sure why so I must of done something wrong.
Also, I’ve started getting Blocked things from the application system…I’m not sure if this is good or bad.

Il post a pic if needed but it has Ip addresses on etc, not sure if I should until told to…

Sorry if it’s hard to understand, hard to explain.

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the forums, can you please post something like

Application name = abc.exe
Source IP = leave it out if it’s yours
Source Port = 1234
Destination IP = could be important
Destination port = 1234

Based on this information we could probably determine what it is…