Firewall event coming from DVD player

Hi everyone,

I keep getting Comodo firewall events originating from the IP address that my DVD player is using. The process is svchost.exe which is a common windows process but it can be potentially dangerous as well. How can I learn more information about this? If this is safe, how can I tell?

Event Details
Application: C:\Windows\Systems32\svchost.exe
Direction: In
Protocol: UDP
Source IP: <my DVD player’s ip>
Source Port: 56839
Destination Port: 53390

My computer is running Windows 7
The DVD player is model Sony BDP-S580

I would imagine this is related to the DNLA features supported by the DVD player. Basically, it’s allowing you the ability to share media between your PC and the device. Under Windows there are typically a couple of services involved in these kinds of connection:

Svchost.exe and wmpnetwk.exe

Should I just allow this connection then? What risks am I opening myself up to if I do?

If you wish to allow media sharing, allow the connection.