Firewall Drvier issue still present in the v3.12.111745.560 of CIS on WinXP x64

I just copy-paste this post of mine from the other topic if you don’t mind, because I’ve just got the tip that I should post it here.

"I’m still having the firewall driver issue on XP x64. First I thought it’s my system’s fault, it was installed about 2 years ago (but I could manage to run it for weeks), and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on a virtual system. Although this issue didn’t occur with the releases before the 3.9 RC2, I really hoped that if I’d reinstall my system, it’ll work just as it should. So, I decided to reinstall my system, but - before I could even test it with the latest CIS - I messed it with CSC (services.exe bug), so I had to reinstall it once again just to get for sure, which I’ve done yesterday. And guess what: there was no change at all. So, let me describe it once again (this is the 3rd time): I’m on WinXP x64 up-to-date, after I install CIS in a short peroid of time it will make my system hang. Clues: scvhost.exe (Network Service) consumes up to 50% of CPU time. We’ve found out with Ronny that it only happens when the DHCP is enabled - which normally is. How does this affect me? Well, because I’m behind a router, I could manage to set static IP for my PC, so that I can by-pass the need of the DHCP. But, if I wouldn’t have a router, I wouldn’t be able to access the Internet. Still, I can’t use Hamachi, because it uses it’s own DNS, and if I set the on that I use, it still won’t work. And as you probably know, you can’t use 2 different DNSs, so I’m out of luck. There’s no way that there would be something wrong with how I install this OS. There isn’t any problem at all on the x86 systems, the only thing that I’m doing differently is that I’m installing x64 applications in my case, whenever I can.

I’m using your product since Comodo Firewall v2, and I don’t want abandon this great software, if it’s not necessary. Whenever I install systems for my friends, I’m installing your product for them also - so I think I do my part also for your success. And they’re also pleased with CIS.

So, I want to ask all the mods here to pull the strings for me, and make the programmers check it out. The should compare the FW driver in 3.9.74913.496 RC1 with those that came after this release out, because that’s the latest release, which works as it should.

I have waited over 5 releases, and there’s still no change, so I’m getting here quite disappointed. Please try to fix it - I’m pretty sure you can do this in no time at all - you’ve got all the information you need to know. If you need more, just ask for it. I don’t want to update to a newer system just because of this issue. This is a quite decent OS, there’s nothing so far that I couldn’t run on it. I’d rather change CIS to something else if there’s no other way. Sorry for not posting this earlier, but like I’ve said it before, I was having another issue with CSC.

Please keep me updated about this. Thank you."

I did also a quick investigation in “Firewall Bugs” to avoid creating the same topic, and I’ve found out the there are still some others, who have the same issue on their systems like me. I hope it this gets here more attention then on the other page, and will now be fixed unlike in the previous releases. If more details are needed, just ask for it. I just hope that this time I’m going to have some useful replies. Thank you.

Woow, over 80 viewers till now… I just hope that at least 30% of the viewers were the devs.
I don’t want to annoy you, but I’ve found this topic:
Seriously, guys, this can’t go on that way. I gave you all the information you could need to fix this bug. It’s not a cosmetic issue, it needs to get fixed.
Using this fine product, is like being crippled. I’m a bit disabled with your product. I’m secured, but I can’t do all the things that I could do without this security. (And I need that security!) Do I really need to have compromises for being secured? I hope not. Why don’t you want to fix it before v4.0? Sure, I’m no software developer, but would it be really that hard? Moreover, if I would be the only one who encountered this problem, I probably wouldn’t care that much about it. I’m sure that there would be more users like me, if the would switch to your product - which looks unquestionably good according to Do you want your new users to get angry because they’ve tried a promiseing product, but it did crashed their systems? I hope you don’t want that. And how can I be sure that this issue won’t exist in the v4.0 of CIS? I hope you get the point. Please, don’t take this post offending. I’m just disappointed, because I’m checking this site every single day, not once a day, and there isn’t even a “No, we won’t fix it” reply to my comment. Just say “no” or whatever, so that I can leave all hope behind (which won’t mean straightly that I’m going to abandon your product). You need to take care about your product’s users, even if it’s not the way they would like it to be.
So, I hope I’m gonna get some answers from the related ones soon. Thank you.

First of all, thank you for your reply.
I had the services.exe issue also, but with the latest CSC (.7), so I had to reinstall my system. They “promised” me to get it fixed in the upcomming version.
But even with a clean system I had the firewall problem. It’s definitely a bug in a firewall driver, because if I would revert back to CIS v3.9.74913.496 RC1, that problem would be gone, although I wouldn’t change anything else in the system. I can force even the latest version of CIS to work properly, but I need to disable the DHCP service. It means that my PC won’t gather the IP adress by itself. The only thing because I can still access the Web is that I’m using a router, which sends the stats that I have entered manually in the TCP/IP properties.
I don’t think that it would solve my problem if I’d disable the related services (DHCP and WinHTTP - neither of them can be started without the other one) before doing a clean install of CIS again, because - as I’ve said it before - this issue doesn’t exists with 3.9 RC1. Anyway, the Trusted Vendor List seems to be OK for me. (But isn’t this list related to D+? If I would disable D+ (like the time we were trying to find the source of the issue), my system would still stop responding with the DHCP service enabled.) And before anyone would ask: yes, it’s still there with no AV installed and with D+ completely disabled. Windows updates shouldn’t also be mentioned.
If you really want to give a try to fix it, you need to focus on the following keywords: WinXP x64, any version of CIS which is newer then 3.9 RC1, firewall driver, DHCP service.
So, if there was anything wrong with my system, shouldn’t this issue appear with v3.9 RC1 (or any previous version of CIS) too? I wasn’t able to reproduce it on VirtualBox, probably because the network access is a bit different then with non virtual systems. But I can reproduce it any time on my system. If you would find helpful, I could create a clean install of my system without installing any version of CIS, make an image of it, and upload it somewhere, if you want to test in on a PC, but you are unable to reproduce it by any reason.
But still, you need to remember that other having that kind of problem with the same OS too. So it should be considered as an isolated problem.
Thank you once more, Tarantela. If anyone has questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask them. I’m still looking forward for other replies :slight_smile:

In what topic did you report this bug? I can’t currently find it.

All my posts related to this bug:
1st May, 2009:;msg278805#msg278805
In that topic, Ronny gave me some advice where I should try to locate source of the bug in which I succeeded. I was using this type of OS since january 2008 (that was the time when I bought the additional RAM for my PC). By the way, I was using Comodo Firewall since v2.0. My point is that I could use CIS with WinXP x64 for over a year without having any problems with it.

13th July, 2009:;msg309423#msg309423

25th September, 2009:;msg329493#msg329493

I have sent you a p.m. on the 1st october according to my latest post mentioned above, as a result you gave my the advice to create a topic about this here to get more attention.

Thank you for the url’s. I think you provided the devs all needed information and they are reminded to the bug again. Let’s hope things will get fixed.

The devs do surely read the bug boards but keep in mind the bug fixing process is a very quiet process. We hardly hear anything about it.

I understand. Thank you for your reply.

As far as I know, there were no other releases planned before the v4.0. It seems to me that this issue hasn’t been bothered much - althogh it was mentioned long enogh ago - and v3.13.119746.572 got released.
So, any chance for a fix in the near future perhaps? Or ever…?

Sure. We will look into this. However, does this happen only in XP 64? For example, how about XP32?

My main system is XP x64 because of the amount of the RAM, as stated before. I also installed many XP x86s for some people (and also having a notebook and a netbook with it at home), and never had any trouble with the latest or any previous versions. The other users didn’t complained either (expect for that one time in the recent past, when the AV update caused a system overload). So they’re all just fine. You only need to look for this issue in x64 version of CIS.

Once again, let me remind you that this problem still appears when I clean install a non-modified XP x64 (without any registry tweaks or such) and install any version of CIS which is newer than 3.9.74913.496 RC1. I still own the installer of this release, and although I don’t really want to use it anymore - thanks to the alternative solution (having a router and seting static addresses for my PC) -, it was really hard to get it again. Perhaps I could send it back to you, just in case you don’t have any copy of it and would like to compare it (especially the firewall driver) with a later released one :slight_smile:

I know that not too many users have XP x64, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one with this issue (or the others just don’t know the source of the problem - or didn’t knew before they have uninstalled it).
This is a really decent OS, and I would like to use it for some more time. Whatever the future will bring in this case, I really don’t think that I would stop using COMODO, because you can consider me as a satisfied user. I just feel a little crippled since a while because of this. But the most important thing for me is the support you can give to me. Believe me, a good support is at least as important as a good product. So I’m looking forward to any reply :slight_smile:

Ok, it looks like it was “my mistake” all along, so please let me correct myself.

First of, I found the solution for my issue through another issue that was affecting my systems (XP x86 and XP x64). The latest version of Live Messenger (2009) displayed an error message about “Unable to run audio and video setup”, so I couldn’t access the Webcam settings. It literally drove me crazy, because I had no issue with Live Messenger 8.5, and since Microsoft forced the users to use Live Messenger 2009 (except Server 2003 x64 and XP x64 users, because those systems are not supported through the Live Installer - however, users can still install Live Messenger 2009 via the .msi files), I couldn’t access these settings nor use the cam. Luckily I’ve found the one post from the many resolving this issue, which helped me to find out the source of the problem.

It stated, that McAfee SiteAdvisor can cause this error message. I was using McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise v2.5 since a long time ago. After I removed it I could access the webcam settings in Live Messenger. (Meanwhile I found out that the newer versions don’t cause the same conflict between these applications.)Then I thougt: why not to try a new system install without it? So, I completely reinstalled my system once again, but this time without McAfee SiteAdvisor, and it works flawlessly! (You need to understand, that I was doing all the installations offline, and I installed McAfee SiteAdvisor before CIS all the time, in fact: CIS was the last installed system application before getting online.) My latest system been through several restarts, so I can confirm the my issue is hereby solved.

I would like to apologize for my mistake, and thank for all the help the others gave me. But you need to understand that McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise 2.5, Live Messenger 8.5 and all the version of CIS prior 3.9 RC2 x64 worked very well together, so I would never have thought that it was caused by SA.
Assuming that Live Messenger 2009 works well with the newer SiteAdvisors (tested on my previous system), CIS probably works well with them too. I haven’t installed it on this system yet, and I don’t plan to do so. However, if I’ll install it afterall, and it still causes conflict, I will report it to you.

Note: this issue of CIS only affected the x64 version of XP, however the conflict between Live Messenger and SiteAdvisor 2.5 was present also on x86 XP.