Firewall driver problem

I upgraded to the latest CIS 3.8 from version 3.5. I uninstalled the old CIS like the announcement said. After I rebooted, Vista said the firewall wall was working, but it was not. I ran my standard firewall tests at speedguide and grc and most ports were “closed” and not “stealthed” (some were, since my ISP blocks some ports). Also, the “view active connections” wasn’t working right. So I completely uninstalled the program again, and deleted all the remnants I could find, and then reinstalled. Afterwards, everything was ok.

My concern is that for some time my firewall wasn’t working properly (not stealthing ports). How do I know anything was compromised? I did have defense+ and the AV running. Also, I do run UAC, and remember that Vista has “least priviledges” by design. Also, the firewall testers only reported closed ports, not open ones.


Try a clean install.

Uninstall CIS and reboot. Then delete all CIS related folders under Program Files and Program Files\Common files and under documents and settings (XP) or user (Vista\Win 7).

Then clean your registry with Comodo System Cleaner: .

Now install CIS again. Did this help?

It works fine now, but I was concerned that my computer could have been “accessed” when the ports were only closed. More simply, if the firewall is effectively off, what are the potential windows filesharing ports? I really didn’t have to worry about trojans etc. since defense+ and the AV was on, (which would circumvent the firewall if I myself downloaded one anyway).