Firewall download .

I am experiencing a strange problem. If i try to download free comodo firewall from my wireless laptop i get 404 not found, nginx, if i use my desktop. the file downloads. Same link, two computers, different results.

Can you advise, is the laptop infected ? Thanks

Hi mike746,
The download link is also faulty/dead on my system, I am on a desktop and getting 404 Not Found.

Can you advise, is the laptop infected ? Thanks
I think not infected. Knowing it is not just happening to your laptop should give some peace of mind.

Edit: I have moved this to Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues as IMO it is a faulty link and not a faulty system.

Alternative download location here.

Many thanks Captainsticks, much appreciated :-TU

Thank you Mike746 for pointing out the issue. :slight_smile:
It is either intermittent or it is fixed because it is now working.