Firewall dont ask for Applications in Win 10. How to setup? or is it a error?

As mentioned into another thread, where my question got ignored, im asking for help/advice.

I have installed Comodo Firewall on Windows 10 but the Firewall dont ask me anymore if i want to allow an Application to communicate to the Internet or not!

I dont knew how it decides, but some Applications get blocked without asking (for example Opera Web Browser) and some get allowed without asking (for example Outlook)

Is this an error regarding Windows 10 or just a setting-thing? (I have set Firewall to “own Policy” and disapled all auto-trusts and online-lookup)
How else would i need to set-up firewall to ask me for any application?
Pls give detailed advice.

Open Comodo, goto tasks, Firewall, Advanced settings.
Untick “Do not show popup alerts” in Firewall Settings.
Also if you want do the same under Defense+/HIPS/HIPS Settings.

That should bring back the prompts.

I use Proactive configuration. I have received Firewall alerts in Windows 10.