Firewall doesn't see application connections


After installing windows updates, I have restarted my computer and now CIS can’t see any application connections, so it reports any connection as a Windows Opearting System connection.

No mater how many applications are connecting to the internet, it always has only one System connection.

I have tried to reinstall CIS, no luck.
While updating windows, I was connected to VPN with OpenVPN, I have uninstalled OpenVPN, it didn’t help.
Please see images below:

So, it reports any connections as Windows Operating System connections:

Any help with that?
Thank you.

COMODO driver is installed correctly:

I have restored my PC from two-weeks-old system image, and at the beginning COMODO worked fine, but then I have updated it to the latest version and it stopped working again.
The same problem, COMODO doesn’t see any connections except System!

COMODO version: 5.12.256249.2599

Hi lokiby,

You aren’t the only one to encounter this problem as shown in this post to

It seems to be a bug in version 5.12. The developers are aware of it and fixing it.

Oh, thank you Boris!