Firewall doesn't pop-up Block windows on the second day.



I just installed the Comodo Firewall yesterday and it worked fine under default rules/settings. Firewall would popup windows to let me choose Block or Allow when any unkonwn programs wanted to call or create another executable file or to modify registry.

But today, I don’t remember that I changed any settings, it will not pop up any alert windows while I double checked that the “do not show pop up alert” was unchecked. And I tried to disable sandbox or enable it, didn’t work. HIPS is running in safe mode.

So now all the unknown programs were blocked to access any resources in silent mode. Then when I install or uninstall software I don’t know which process and when it was blocked. I have to check the log one by one.

Any settings that I can check please advise, thanks. :azn:

Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799.4142

Hi EricJH,

Thank you for moving my topic and recommending me two topics which are <post Introduction to the 5.x Sandbox> and <With CIS v4 my p2p client (uTorrent, e Mule…) is not working properly anymore>.

But I’m not very clearly about that. I thought what I described in the first post was HIPS issue, I’m not asking for help about alert for incoming traffic . And follow your recommended topics about old version of Comodo, I can not solve the problem in my first post.

Please advise,thanks.