firewall doesnt like new isp

Probably a simple matter already addressed in another thread, but i cant find it, so could someone pls assist?

Comodo works great with my old ISP (dialup), but with my new ISP (also dialup) it only allows some pages thru, while most simply stall (no alert) and fail to load completely. However, all pages load if I either exit Comodo, turn it to ‘allow all’ or turn off the network monitor. I have tried adding new rules to the monitor but this hasnt helped, even if those rules allow all traffic.

comodo version
Windows XP Pro (SP2 not installed)
logged in as user with admin privileges
AVG & AVG spyware, Spybot installed resident


Hi djanda, welcome to the forums.

If it works with CFP Security Level set to “Allow All”, then it is highly likely that CFP is indeed responsible for the problem. Check CFPs Log (Activity tab). If CFP is blocking something, which does seem to be the case here, then by default it will log the blocks to the Log.

If you need help with CFPs Log entries, then CFPs Log can be exported to an HTML (right click on the Log). Open the HTML file in your default browser & use a simple click-drag-select Copy ‘n’ Paste to post the details here. Please remember to mask a private IP numbers. But don’t worry if don’t know what should be masked, either myself or another Mod will edit-out any private details that you might post.