Firewall doesn't detect new Wireless access points as New Network

I have been facing this bug for some time now. I ignored it till now because I hoped someone would report this bug.

Already a few Comodo updates have been issued and its a surprise that this is not fixed.

I only connect to the internet using by Realtek Wireless usb dongle. Here I can select from a few access points.

Everytime, i install comodo Firewall on my PC, it only defines the network for the default access point that i have already connected to when i install Comodo.

When i switch access points, it doesn’t pop up the define new network window.

But then when I use a VPN service, it pops up. Not when i change Wireless access points.


The bug/issue

Installed Comodo Firewall on a newly formatted Win XP PC
My Wireless access point is defined as New Network #1 - a window popped up asking me to click OK. I did click OK
I disconnected from the default access point
Connected successfully to another access point
Comodo didn’t pop up a window asking me to define a New Network #2

Is this normal?


Windows XP SP3
Comodo Firewall with Optimum Protection

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There isn’t much.

Just try connecting to different access points in your wifi and see if a new network is defined or not.

Here it is not for past few versions of Comodo

Hi christarzan,

Could you check the IP addresses of these other networks.
The chances are huge that they are all in the same range as your first detected network?
So naturally the firewall would have nothing “new” to detect network range wise.

Also note that detecting/listing/creating Network Zones has no effect whatsoever on the behavior of your Firewall.
It is just a minor convenience to be able to refer to a Zone when creating some firewall rules, in some cases.
Note - If you have chosen to Trust a Network
Like maybe checking the box to Trust this Network at the detection of your default/Home network,
Then that is a whole nother can o worms if you go and connect to Strangers networks that have the same IP range as your Trusted Network Zone. You see where that’s a problem?
So if that’s the case, that you have a LAN you want to Trust, and still connect through other access points as untrusted.
Then you should define your Trusted LAN Zone with MAC addresses rather than IP’s.

So shall we move this to Firewall help section?
Let us know your findings.


How do i find if that ip is in my range as well?

Open a command prompt in windows.
Start > Run type in cmd.exe press Enter.

A black Command prompt window should open.

Type in ipconfig press Enter

Look in the results for your dongle connection and make note of your IPv4 address.
I would guess it is the likes of or

So then connect to another access point, and repeat the command prompt steps.
Then note the IPv4 address, repeat as needed.

If they all start with the same first three octets 192.168.1 or whatever. then that is all in the same range
A pretty standard range would be from to

Hope that helps, if need more just ask.


Hmm…Yup, all the access points that i can connect are in the same IP range.

So, when i connect with another access point, does I loose security since i am not defining a new network anymore?

No, the security is the same.

The only way it gets unsafe is if you made any rules to Trust your network or a device on your network by IP address.

Do you have a LAN with other connected devices?
Have you made any non default firewall rules to allow or trust any communications to any Local IP addresses?
(those in your zone).

If not, then all networks will be treated the same, as untrusted by your default firewall rules.