firewall does not stay on "stealth my ports to everyone"

Should it be that i can check the option “stealth my ports to everyone”, and then not worry.

However every time i look now, the firewall has bounced itself up to “define a new trusted network, stealth my ports to everyone else”. Maybe this is ok? There are no trusted networks around here, it’s just one computer.

Seems like the option should stay checked where user wanted it to be. Also I checked this option that way in the first place following “Kyles firewall configuration guide”, presented by Comodo.

Is this a problem? Are things working as they should? The firewall diagnostic says it’s fine.

And does it harm to run the windows XP firewall at the same time?
Have not been running xp firewall, it’s turned off. Comodo never said to turn it off, only Microsoft Security says should not run two firewalls? How does that work out?

 Thank you 

       (V)        kwonawa

I also thought the same. For some reason it defaults back to the top option, but you will be stealthed , check.

Firewall > advanced > network security policy > global rules . you should have 4 listed - 3 green ticks with a bottom red cross .

Make a check at
and see what you get :wink:

This is and has allways been the case when you open the “Stealth Ports Wizard”, the window allways opens with the top entry checked no mater what you have previously done.
There is no problem as overfifty said have a look at your “Global rules” which were created when you got “your firewall has been configured accordingly”
The bottom one should be Block and log IP in from IP Any to IP Any where Protocol is Any


Well have six check boxes, five are checked, the last one not.


Thanks for your suggestions.
The last global rule is right. The gre test is fine. Maybe fourth and fifth global rule are messed up. Will have to figure that out and carefully read the directions.
i learn a little as time goes on

Overfifty, i had six global rules. The fourth and fifth made no sense, one was something about framented files being ok, strange, and they had green checks. Then i reinstalled and followed Kyles rules for Firewall and Defense setups before going online. Now have 4 Global rules just as you say, 3 green checks and a last red cross. So that worked out well. Thanks for telling me about that!

Sure what happened is i had things so totally messed up over time in so many ways. Now a new begining, time goes on.

    If anyone is interested, even with the reinstall Threatcast is never working