Firewall does not respond after/during Remote Desktop/Terminal Sessions

Im having some issues with the firewall and was hoping for some help.

I am running Vista 64 on an Nvidia 680i chipset and an intel Q6600.

I remote desktop into my home pc from work and other locations.

Whenever i remote desktop into my pc the firewall stops behaving normal, some of the symptoms are

  • I quit receiving alerts to allow applications thru the firewall. And can not use any new internet applications that have not already been cleared before.

  • The firewall quits logging any actions at all, there are no entries added from the time i remote in under “View Firewall Events”

  • The firewall has a red circle with a line thru it in the system tray.

Now, to add to this, i need to restart my pc for the behavior to go back to normal.

If i restart my pc remotely and my first login is thru a remote desktop, the firewall behaves normaly

Any help would be appreciated.

This happens to me as well, only I’m running 64-bit XP Pro instead of Vista. The only answer I’ve gotten so far from Comodo is that the firewall is indeed non-functional while in this state. This is extremely annoying since I’ll RD into my desktop every single day while using my laptop from the recliner upstairs. If I forget to restart the desktop at the end of my session, the desktop will often go unprotected for many, many hours. This would be a deal-breaker for me (even if it IS a free product) if I could find another firewall that worked on 64-bit OSes. Comodo’s firewall is excellent, but this bug is a VERY big deal. I think you and I must be the only folks that use a 64-bit OS! :wink: