firewall does not logs each and every connections

win xp sp3
avast 4.8 home
CFP 3.025.

Hello eveyone.

i have set firewall to log every outbound connection for svchost.exe. however this does not work always 100%.
May be some problem.

I am attaching some screenshot to this.

I ran netstat -ano and found that svchost is making outbound connection on port 80 to windows update.

However this connection attempt is not logged in firewall log screeshot 1

In second case I syncronoized my computer clock with server this takes place over port 123 however in firewall log my ip address is shown as my lan ip not my external ip

I remember in my earlier post somewhat 3-4 month back ,iat that time I also reported descripancies in which firewall logs Ip address (internal and external) this was related to google talk.

but it appears that even after so many rellease this problem could not be solved.

I feel comodo must do something to handle this problem


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