Firewall does NOT blocks aplications without even asking!

I installed the new comodo internet security and it looks like it auto-allow almost anything go to internet!!!
i disabled that “auto allow trusted companys”, that sosnt help.

it looks like i tryed everything, and firewall is still auto allow apps by creating rules for them, only way to stop them is to go to setting and Manualy edit those rules adding block to them because deleting them dosnt help, when i start that program, comodo will automaticly create allow rule for them for no reason.

can anyone tell me what i do wrong, cause i used to like comodo but i fail to use this new version.

This is the result of a Network Security Policy (Firewall > Advanced ) rule for “All applications” Policy coming with CIS (full suite) defaults.

You can manually delete the whole policy (preserving the rest of current policies) or activate the configuration “COMODO - Proactive Security” (tray Icon > Configuration menu) to start from scratch (or just after installation) whereas that config does not have such rule.

i think i got it now, my problem was that i had some translation isues, it says in Custom Policy Mode that firewall will not learn anything, so i was thinking that it will basicly block everything so i used Safe Mode, that where i was wrong.

thanks for help.

You’re welcome.

I did try to help but in truth the appropriate solution was yours as I incorrectly assumed a different scenario.

Indeed Firewall Safe mode will allow all safelisted application and alert only about those who are not in Comodo’s list of safe files.

On the other hand Custom policy mode will have the firewall alert even about safelisted applications.