Firewall does not block IP range?

I am running PeerGuardian and Comodo CIS. While using P2P I noticed a range of IPs from which my PC gets hit affecting my performance. that PG allows and I want blocked. I read some thread on this and found that i should block this at the firewall level.

So I went into My Blocked Network and added a rule to block that range. But when I started P2P again PG was still allowing hits from that range. I am assuming this means the firewall does not apply the rule.

If so, why? Please advise.


correction: it’s not hits on my computer, it’s my computer hitting theirs.

and it’s weird that it does it from sequentilal ports – e.g. 1624, 1625, 1626 – several times a second, and that PG2 and the firewall refuse to block it even when they are set for it.

and even blocking is not a solution, given the hit on performance.

Can you show us a screenshot of the Firewall logs of CIS? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events. We need these logs to see what is happening or not happening.

After more investigation I figured out what the connection attempt are: BtNA is the host for the HTTP-Tunnel servers and I’ve trying that proxy.

Now, I had CIS, HTTPT and PG2 set to block that server IP range, but what is weird is that while the HTTP-Tunnel log showed that something was not letting it connect to the server, PG2 was showing those connections as allowed.

After further testing, it turns out that CIS interferes with HTTPT server connections in both Block All and Safe mode, even if I set it and PG2 to allow the range. And still PG2 shows the IP allowed.