Firewall does not block incoming traffic despite of existing global rule

I created some global rules to restrict incoming traffic, but this does not work and I don´t know the reason. Rules are as follows:

1st rule: permit incoming traffic from an determined public-IP to one determined private-IP and one determined port (80)
2nd rule: permit incoming traffic from any public IP to one determined private IP and port (55000)
3rd rule: block all incomming (IP)
4th rule: block all incomming (ports)
That means, when using Internet Explorer, I should only hace access to one determined IP address which I previously allowed to come in (1st rule). But this does not work, since I also do have access to other web-pages which normally should be blocked due to the rules created before (3rd and 4th rule …)

I understand that incoming traffic is filtered buy the global rules first, and for my understanding I created the rules such way that access to the web should be working only to one IP.

Could some body give me a hint what the problem could be ?

Thanks in advance.