Firewall do not ask for Internet Explorer. How can this be? [Resolved]

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I have just Installed CPF beta, on a friends Laptop which is running Win2K OS.

My Question is, should CPF be asking for a rule when Internet Explorer need Internet Access? because at the moment it does not, which seem strange for a Firewall.

It asks when any of App needs to gain Internet Access.

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By default, CPF has “Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Do not show alrts for the application certified by COMODO” option enabled. When this is enabled, CPF will not ask you about any safe applications unless there is something critical like a parent change, a hijacking attempt etc.

I recommend keep that option enabled to make CPF less intrusive.

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This is interesting as I always have to allow IE out (which is fine by me) and its on default with those options selected…