Firewall detected DoS attack and entered emergency mode, can I end and unblock?

My printer apparantly portscanned me and did it quickly. The firewall detected this as a DoS attack and blocked the printer and entered emergency mode. Is there any way to unblock the printer and exit emergency mode before the times specified have elapsed?

Other than perhaps restarting CFP, no. One can only reduce the probability of emergency mode from emerging by increasing the flood & port scan rate values. Also, the ability to disable this mode is already in the wishlist.

Would disabling and reenabling server to reset the clock so to speak?

No, because when the firewall goes into emergency mode, the firewall is doing exactly what you have set it up to do.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I presume your printer is a networked resource, thus having its own IP address on the LAN…

With this in mind, you may want to define that printer IP as a Zone within CFP, then set that Zone as a Trusted Network (all thru Security/Tasks). This will grant unimpeded communication between your computer and the printer, and (I’m thinking) take the flood protection out of the loop (for that connection only) (but Ewen may correct me on that).

If not, then your option would be to raise the flood values and/or decrease the time limit for the ensuing lock, as Soya mentioned.