Firewall & Defense Logs - nothing

:-\ First please understand I’m on dial up and just naving the forum takes some time.

I’ve recently upgraded to v 3.9.95478.---- installed in clean PC mode.

Am showing nothing in the logs. Would like to see what kind of intrusion attempts I’v had.
Have looked into the help files and don’t see what is stopping this.

Am not a technic but not stupid either. Can someone please advise in plain language.

Did you install from an older version of Comodo using the built in updater? When you did please do a clean install of 3.9 without importing an old configuration (v3.9 brought some changes in the way how it stores the rules that allows for faster saving them when changing rules).

Keep us posted.

Am currtenly at v 3.9.95478.509
Since I’m on dial up I had gone to a friends house to download the last previous version (3.9.something) on his high speed connection;put it on disk and installed on my PC. Win XP home sp 2
Then I did one update with that to get to the 3.9.95478 version.

Before this I was using a 3.5. something version. Had used Revo Uninstaller to get rid of old version first.
Rebooted and checked for traces with a free reg cleaner before installing,then did the one update.

Do like Comodo Firewall and believe its one of the best;but it has more options than I understand.
In the help files have been looking into View Firewall Events,The Network Security Policy and others.

Haven’t changed any settings that I know of. Am in clean PC mode (did the system scan at install)
There must be a simple setting to allow me to view just the intrusion attempts.

EricJH appreciate your timely reply hope to hear something instructive soon Thanks

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Am getting worried here;have followed what little advice I’ve gotten and still nothing.

Comodo firewall 3.9.95478.509 on Win XP home
Have a number of settings checked “Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired”

Firewall logs show nothing ! How do I know if firewall is even working?

Have used previous version with no problem. And YES I did a clean uninstall before I loading updated version which had been saved to disk.

Hope this is a simple fix,if not then must conclude that this app is not for me.
If a just average user can’t get this to preform correctly then its worthless to anybody but a security expert (then only maybe)

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Hey Matt
Did the: Stealth Ports Wizard" and selected “Block all incoming connections Stealth my ports to everyone”?
Had been set for “Define a new trusted network stealth my ports to EVERYONE else”
It said that it “Has been configured accordingly” but on reopening option window am back to old setting.
Do I need to reboot for setting to take effect?

Also did the: Go to Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy->Global Rules
Now click on “Add”->create the rule:
Action=Allow Tick the box “Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired” ect ect

selected for loging was: Predefined Firewall Policies - Web Browser - Block and log all unmatching req.
Also in Network Security Policy - Application Rules - Windows\explorer.exe IP out any
Application Rules - Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe allow IP out any
Global Rules - Block and Log IP in from IP any where protocol is any - Block IP - In
Thought that these settings would get somekind of action - nothing AND I CHECKED FOR MORE
Have 33 intrusion attempts so far this morning and logs show nothing!

Don’t know much else to tell ya ,security level set to Safe Mode, did a clean uninstall (used REVO) before undating from download on disk, installed in "Clean PC’’ did the system scan, then ONE online update.

The Stealth Ports Wizard setting going back to what it first was bothers me.
Am I looking at a possible un then reinstall of Comodo ?

Thank You For Your Time Get back to me at first opportunity

Could you post some screen shots of your Application and Global rules. Also, if possible, a screen shot of the Alert.

Screen shots I’v got but need to find way to attach

Hav’ta got off line now,will get back to ya

You can attach images to your posts. When using the quick reply box at the bottom you have to preview first. Then you will get to the regular editor.

When in the regular editor there is a link underneath called “additional options”. Click on it and you will get the possibility to upload images. When you want to attach more than one image push on the lick behind the Choose button that says “more attachment”.

Keep us posted.

EricJH,Toggie and the rest of you guys

Here’s some screen from yesterday and this morning

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Move the IP logging rules to the top of your “Global Rules”. These are read from the top down so your first IP Allow out rule(without logging) is the first being hit.


Darn. Matty just beat me … :smiley:

Start with moving the IP out logging rule and the “Allow and log TCP or UDP In/Out…” rules above the basic block rule (with the red icon).

When rules are underneath the basic block rule they are not being read. Comodo reads Global Rules top down until it finds the basic block rule and then it stops.

Went to “Global Rules” Did as advised,still nothing in log. :o

EricJH,Matty and Toggie don’t dessert me now,gotta be getting close.

Here’s some more screen shots:

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Hey Twig, couple of things to try…

First of your Block and Log IP In from IP Any to IP Any where Protocol is Any should be at the bottom.(see pic)

Now i just tried setting up logging on the IP out rule and at first it didn`t seem to work. Anyway i went to Miscellaneous/Settings/Logging and changed the MB limit to 3.
All seems to be logging now.
You should definately have something if you click View Firewall Events/More->Then hit the + next to Firewall events and select All the times.


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All right Matty and Eric !! ;D
Thanks You Guys

Got stuff in the Firewall log see screen shots

How Global Rules started that way don’t know;should present configuration remain as same?

This Windows Operating System I’ve read is some kind of “program background noise” ?
Sometimes Blocked sometimes Allowed Any worry? How do I stop it logging?

The others I think I can find which and where to uncheck logging.
Thanks for all your patience

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