Firewall Custom Ruleset not custom?

V12.2.2.7036 (Firewall only) on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

When I set “Firewall->Firewall Settings->Enable Firewall” to “Custom Ruleset” I would expect that I would get many Firewall pop up Alerts for every connection attempt an application tries to make but I only get one pop up Alert for a connection to Remote When I answer this pop up with Allow and “Remember my answer” checked then the Firewall rule for that application is set to “Allow IP In/Out From MAC Any to MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any” and as such it is allowed any connection???

This is not what I would expect to happen. In Firewall “Custom Ruleset” mode each connection attempt should have its own unique pop up Alert and showing the details of the connection.

I’ve tested this behavior using Firefox. Before the test I removed Firefox from the “Firewall->Application Rules” and then started Firefox.
Surprisingly I only got one Firewall pop up Alert about the remote connection and after allowing that and remembering it Firefox could make any connection without getting any further pop up Alerts.

How do I get all the Firewall pop up Alerts for each connection attempt that an application tries to make and how do I get each connection attempt to be added to the Firewall Application Rule for that application when I choose to Allow/Block and checking “Remember my answer”?

You need to change the alert frequency level.

It was at the highest level already.

I totally don’t have a clue as to why Custom Ruleset all of a sudden didn’t work anymore. Now after re-imaging Windows 7 and re-installing it now does work again.
It was real bizarre what happened though.

I’ll keep an eye on this if Custom Ruleset breaks again.