firewall custom policy not selectable

hello everyone,

I have a strange problem. Basically I need to run emule with comodo free firewall.
I have set the rules under Firewall Predifined Policy, but for some reason when I start emule the rules I have just created are not there and I cannot select them. When I go back to Firewall Predifined Policy they are no longer there…

Besides I have the same problem this guy has

any idea how to solve it?

I am running Vista 64 ultimate SP1

When you create the rules and click ‘Apply’, did you also click 'Apply on the underlying window? If not, they won’t be available as a selection choice.
For every window you open, there is an ‘Apply’ button. Each needs to be clicked as you exit out back to the main GUI window.


though this is an older issue it still bugs me too :slight_smile:

I got excactly the same problem. I can access my own custom rules/policies under

but not in CIS/Defense+ 's PopUp window for applying rules. How come?

any solution or is this design`? Thank you and help welcome.