Firewall Control


I’ve got a bit of a mystery, which I’m hoping someone can resolve for me.

At the moment, I’m running a dual boot system comprising of Windows 7,
and Windows 10 preview, both have the new CIS 8 firewall installed.

Whilst updating a program, which I run on both versions of Windows, on
Windows 7 there was no problem during installation, however on the
version of Windows 10, Comodo Cloud Scanner stepped in, and prevented
installation, I tried twice more, and the same thing happened each time.

I’ve checked the firewall settings, but cannot see anyway to prevent this
from happening, as there are no settings for the Cloud Scanner in the

Any help would be appreciated.


Do you use Comodo Firewall or Comodo Internet Security suite?

Hi Eric,

First thanks for the reply.

As to your question, I use Comodo Firewall v8.0.0.4337.


Hi Eric,

Any update on my last post.


You can temporarily disable Cloud Lookup to get around it. Or temporarily disable the Block all malware in Auto-Sandbox Rules.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply.

Your advice was very helpful, in particular the links you supplied, as a consequence,
I was able to install the program previously mentioned.

Thanks. :slight_smile: