firewall confusion

in configuring the fire wall i noticed out of firewall,a.v.,and defence…i can only make 1 “active”. does this stop the a.v. and defence from working? and how do which one i make active effect security?

What do you mean with that you can only make 1 active?

general/advanced settings/configurations. there are 3 configurations to choose from.
internet security
proactive security
firewall security.
right now “internet security” is active.
if i make ,say, “proactive security” active…then the “active” highlight comes off of "internet security"and goes onto proactive security.
is there a way for all 3 to become active at same time?
if not,do all 3 work even if only 1 is highlighted “active”?

also… does “proactive security” (the one i now have highlighted) void the other 2?,confusing

You will have to choose which of the three configurations you want to use.

Internet Security is the default configuration for people who want the protection of CIS and have as little alerts as possible. The Proactive Security configuration will give more security but will give more alerts.

Both Internet Security and Proactive Security have the AV integrated.

If you want to run Firewall only I suggest not to switch to Firewall Security. As far as I know this will only give one Firewall configuration. If you want to run Comodo Firewall only then it is best to use the Add/Remove components option from the uninstaller and deselect the AV. The link to Add/Remove components can be found in the Start Menu entry of CIS.

thank you for clearing up a confusing issue.
so much help.

i opted for the “proactive security”. everything working good and only 1 pop up.

All 3 configurations can have your own personalised settings and you can change configurations at will.