Firewall Configuration?

Wel i am new here and i don"t see this Topic.
The Comodo Firewall is automatic geconfigureerd on so a 10000 institutions.
Is it now really necessarily round him further to configureren to own need?
yes i send a few times something to Comodo,so its going good i think.

Yeah, right!?

I’m new to this firewall malarky but want to try and learn enough about the mechanics of the internet - and this windows xp home machine - to understand what CFP is telling me and make informed choices on how to use it.

Are there any good resources on the web that will teach a beginner enough to get started on this?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The FAQ-thread is a good start…,894.0.html

Mmmm, quiet a lot isn’t there

I’d best get on with it


Yeah…have fun :wink:

And if you have some questions…just ask in the forums!