Firewall configuration to allow Rhapsody Player


I’ve searched, but can’t find this problen in any of the forums. So, I’ll go ahead and ask for help. When I go to the Rhapsody website and search fro music, and then click on a track to hear the Rhapsody Player sample, it doesn’t play. The Rhapsody Player is a popup that appears when you click on a particular music track. I never had any problem with using the Rhapsody Player until I installed Comodo Free Firewall. I have version 3.14 on my computer, and I’m happy with it, but I suspect the Comodo Firewall may be preventing me from using the Player. Can anyone offer any solution, such as how to configure the Comodo Firewall so I can use the Rhapsody Player?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Try giving it the web browser policy. Go to Firewall -->Adavanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules → now look up the Rhapsody program in the list and select it → Edit → change the policy to web browser under Use a predefined policy.

When done Ok and Apply your way back to the main screen.

When the web browser policy doesn’t work try making it Trusted.

Hi EricJH,

Thanks for you reply.

Today I made some changes in the very place you mentioned–Firewall> Advanced> Network Security Policy> Application Rules. I changed Firefox from Custom to a Trusted Application, and then the Rhapsody Player worked! I made some other changes, too, but my hunch is that it was the settings for Firefox that might have solved it. The thing is, all the Application Rules in that list seem to be programs I downloaded onto my computer, like Firefox, AnyAudio Converter, Picasa, etc. The Rhapsody Player is just a little popup player that can be accessed when you go to the Rhapsody website and you click on a music track. That’s whan it pops into view. It isn’t actually downloaded onto your computer, so I don’t think it would appear on the Application Rules. I may be wrong, though. At any rate, if it’s in the list, I wasn’t able to identify it.


Congrats with solving the problem yourself. I assumed Rhapsody was a program but it looks like it is a player that is being served by the web site.

Thanks. That problem’s solved, but still so far to go!


Dawna, I would be careful in making Firefox a trusted application as recently some of the add-ins for FF have been found to contain malware and trojans.

You could always try to use the training mode to setup the initial rule and refine from there. Delete the existing firefox rule, switch to training mode, use ff and the player, switch to previous mode and check the rules again.


Rhapsody needs the following ports open to allow access to content:

TCP 80, 554, 4040, 7070, 8080, 443, 1755
UDP 6970-32,000, 1755

the default browser only supports ports 80, 443 and 8080, which is why you cannot obtain the content.

You could create a couple of port sets, one for TCP and the other for UDP and once you;ve selected the default browser rule delete the rule for Outgoing HTTP Requests and add two rules to allow the port sets created above:

Source Address = ANY
Destination Address = ANY
Source Port = ANY
Destination Ports = TCP port set

Do the same for UDP.

Better still woule be to leave the default browser rule alone and create port sets for:

TCP 554, 4040, 7070, 1755
UDP 6970-32,000, 1755

Then add those to the default rules. To make it even more secure, add the specific domains that Rhapsody needs to access to a Ntework Zone and then use that as the destination address in your rule.

@bulgroz Only one Addon was found to contain a trojan and that has been removed. see this update: