Firewall Config: Home Network

The only way I could continue to access the files on my laptop, which had the Comodo Firewall, from my desktop which did not was to finally completely uninstall CFP. I am using a home network, wired through a D-Link router that consists of my desktop, wife’s desktop and a laptop, all using WinXP. Before installing CFP,I was using the
Windows firewall and had no problems. I had listed the IP address of the laptop as a “trusted” site using CFP as well
as my desktop. Going back to the Windows firewall, it all seems to be working again. Would like the added
security of CFP, but just not able to handle it.

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Hi rdsajs, welcome to the forums.

CFP 3 has a mechanism (both on installation & operation, by default) that automatically detects network adapters when they are active. This being the case, CFP should have detected your home LAN & prompted you if you wanted to share that particular network. Basically, to have full LAN access you need to specify more than a single IP address… you need to specify the whole LAN IP range that encompasses all the components (including the router, if it has a LAN IP). CFP refers to these as Network Zones & it can create Trusted Network Zones automatically (see above). If CFP is not detecting the LAN, it can be added later by running CFPs Firewall “Stealth Ports Wizard” & selecting the first option (Define a new trusted Network).

Windows Firewall. It would work with Windows Firewall because it is completely useless (understatement). :slight_smile:

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the post, rdsajs, and the follow-up PM about your networking problem. I was going to say basically the same thing as kail.

Windows FW by default is set to allow the connections necessary for file & print sharing (ie, the basic function of a network, especially a home network); CFP is not. You are on the right track by setting the laptop’s IP as “trusted” but you need to take it one step further and set the entire defined network as trusted, so that traffic can flow In and Out unimpeded.

Even after install, you can set this up in V3 through a “wizard” function - the “Stealth Ports Wizard” found on the Firewall / Common Tasks tab. It’ll guide you through the process.