firewall comparison!!!

I just joined comodo free firewall and am testing it out…i wanna know if it is compatiable with kaaspersky anti virus 09? And is this firewall better than windows vista firewall?.if this work gud i may consider to switching to anti virus later on with comodo when my snti v is up with kaspersky…this firewall won affect kapserskys ability to find virus willl it? thanks for any help u can provide me

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Yes it is, Make sure you have just the Comodo Firewall Running, and if you have Comodo AV installed make sure that is disabled (Real time disabled)…

You should not have any problem :slight_smile:

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kygiacomo,there is a text document in the installation folder of kaspersky antivirus, named ‘‘incompatible’’.Read it :wink:

I’ve previously run the two together. Kaspersky installer used to warn you about incompatibility. The best option is to have KAV install first and then install Comodo Firewall.

There’s also some useful tips here in the forum about getting the two to play together nicely.

In particular Salmonela’s post half way down the page here: