firewall cmdagent

cmdagent is running and cannot be stopped through the taskmanager.
One one of my computers I was able to uninstall the firewall.
On another computer I am still waiting for Add/Remove programs to appear so I can uninstall it, but so far I’ve waited 4 hours, but am almost there.

This problem started after the updates ran last night.

Anyone else have the issue or how to resolve it?

Please read here.;msg332540#msg332540


Thanks, I am trying safe mode now. Do we know if this has happened before?
I am leaving the anti virus on one computer and turning the Windows firewall back on to see how it does.
The other I will remove completely until I can check back to see if this keeps happening. ’

I do love the simplicity of the settings for Comodo. I hope everything is fixed and reliable soon.
Thanks again

There was a problem sometime ago but nothing like this.

The problem was from False Positives after a virus database update.