[Firewall] Changing Firewall Security Level bug

Operating System 1: Windows 7 Pro b7600 x64
Operating System 2: Windows XP Pro SP3 x86
CIS version: 4.0.141842.828

Firewall Issue:
Changing Firewall Security Level disables ‘Create rules for safe applications’ and/or ‘Disable Firewall Logging’ options depending on in which place of the program we change it. If we use system tray icon menu to switch Firewall Security Level then both these options will be disabled after the change and if we use Firewall Behaviour Settings window then only ‘Disable Firewall Logging’ option will be disabled. Bitmask representing firewall security level is incorrectly set after the change.

For instance, switching from Custom Policy Mode to Safe Mode with these options enabled should result in:

Custom Policy Mode => Safe Mode
Create rules for safe applications: Enabled
Disable Firewall Logging: Enabled

0110 0100 => 0110 1000

But instead it results in:

Firewall Behaviour Settings window

0110 0100 => 0100 1000

system tray icon menu

0110 0100 => 0000 1000