Firewall Challenge and the number one spot goes to......

I thought some of you might be interested in this. (B)

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Well, another round of Firewalls have been added to the list, & They are NO WHERE NEAR COMODO.


I think Josh123 has really hit the nail on the head. Because we can look at Matousec tests two basic ways. We can look at it from the narrow comodo is #1 partisan viewpoint and smugly say we are number #1. And the flaw in the tests is that the decidedly inferior online armor is not really tied for #1 because we know better. And I can’t say I disagree with that viewpoint.

Or we can look at with the eyes of someone who knows almost nothing about computer security issues. And when they see the Matousec tests, they will tend to focus on just a few things.

  1. Who is #1? Thats the one for me. So in that sense, the results of the recent tests Matousec tests is a win for Comodo compared to the November tests where online armor was a few places higher than comodo 2.4.

  2. The other criteria is where is my current firewall? As they scan down and down the list until they find their’s way way down there in the current percentage rating. Getting more and more depressed the further down they have to scan to find their firewall as the overall percentage rating drops like a stone with it.

  3. I wish I had kept a copy of the November Matousec tests because the other thing to look at is who are the big losers? As I recall zone alarm paid was fairly competitive in the November tests and it looks to be well out of the running now. I think well known firewalls like Sunbelt and Jetico are also the big losers because they dropped quite a few places.

And as somewhat a forum junkie, I see exactly these questions being asked. So valid or not these Matousec tests matter.

And bottom line, lots of new people will be trying comodo3 and online armor.

And other bottom line, which will give the newbie the best out of the box experience? Because the basic newbie
type is going to chuck either as soon as it gives them any difficult to resolve conflicts.

Sorry if this was posted already its fairly new, anyhow trying to find similar posts on this forum is like trying to find a needle in a haystack so to speak, on any note tho (L)

Right here.

I was surprised I did not see a familiar name here close to Norton and that was McAffee.
I have not used McAffee products except for Site Adviser.

But I know McAffee is targeting Colleges and Universities with a One Security System type of support with all computers accessing their servers on campus utilizing One set of Security Programs " from Administration Offices to the personal computers in the dorm rooms.

For firewall protection until around 2 years ago, I used Zone Alarm Pro and at the same time I used Norton for anti virus with System Works. That was until around 2005-2006 when the Color Legend of Speed Disk did not match the results and the Help Desk could not give me a direct answer or fix. Then I started getting a lot of crashes and when digging found Norton was always involved. The common fix was to uninstall and reinstall, and I think many have experienced the time when the reinstall had problems.

One day I decided to check to see how many registry keys Norton used. I only did a 3 keyword search using jv16 Power Tools (the last FREE version before the one that required the update to the Paid version) I only scanned for 3 words Norton, Symantec, and SystemWorks. Over 3000 keys came up, how many more would have shown if I had added “NAV” to the search words? After running an Uninstall and then the Norton Uninstall program I only had about 600 keys left. Norton really wanted TOTAL Control and kludged up the registry!

Back to my first comment, I wonder why McAffee is not appearing on many of these tests?