Firewall causes XP crash with Cisco VPN

When I tried to establish VPN connection (Cisco VPN client 5.0 and the same was on v. 4.8) firewall showed new network dialog and in a few seconds (5-10sec) system suddenly restarted.
I tried several times to establish VPN connection but failed: system reseted regardless of the fact whether I pressed Ok in the new network dialog or not.

My system is Windows XP SP2, firewall file - CIS_Setup_3.13.121240.574_XP_Vista_x32

While searching through system activity log foun and error: “TrueVector driver: Driver install or load failure: LoadNTDeviceDriver. Win32 error: The system cannot find the file specified.”

Googling for this error gave

As I understood firewall modifies (or removes, or replaces etc) some important VPN files from ZoneAlarm

Please check this FAQ here

It’s actually caused by the added ZA drivers in the Cisco package…