Firewall can't deal with constant too many outbound connections

Hi,i have got latest comodo instlation 3.8.65951.477 (defense+ and firewall only) but this has been an issue since long time. Here is the description:
I have a security camera software called Active Webcam ( that connects to 2 cameras on my lan. Sofware creates around 200 outgoing connections at any given time to my two cameras and this causes comodo to stop. I can still access to comodo features without problem but comodo does not report any new connection attempts from new software unless i restart it. So if comodo stopped and have new software installed when it stopped. if new software tries to connect to the internet it will fail because comodo will block it but it won’t show me any prompts. When this happen, icon of comodo on task var is crossed with one red line.

Another issue is with remote desktop. I always use remote desktop to access my server but at times i go and phisically logon. When i do that comodo stops again and icon on taskbar gets a red line crossed over it.

Above 2 problems could be related too. May be issue with remote desktop causing comodo to stop showing prompt windows?

If i need to provide more details please let me know.

Hi Asidana;

I have been using CIS with P2P (uTorrent/Azureus), my TCPIP.SYS is patched to 100 Half-Connections and most of the time I have up to 300 connections without any problem.

I’m NOT an expert, but…

Are you sure your issue is with the connections number? 200 connections to the cameras? 200 IP’s (PC’s)? Maybe it can be related to the FPS (frames per sec / bandwidth)…

As I said, I’m not an expert AND that SW is unknown to me. (but I did some CCTV security installations already)

Thanks for reply. I don’t think its bw issue. I ahve a gigabit LAN and Cameras are simple network cameras and software does simple GET requests to get images per frame.

May be it is realted to remote desktop issue?


Just a shot in the dark: for a while try using no more than 30FPS (it’s useless more than this due to human eye anatomy), you should NOT get jerky images. (you can go for 20FPS for security plan with very good results, or even less…)

If this doesn’t help, please post all information you can about your system, such as asked in:

To complete the list, add (if possible):

  • NIC’s models and drives

Such details are in need for a good analysis by the COMODO guys, and wait a little more…

You will get an answer! Be sure.

Beyond this, I feel that my oppinions cannot be so usefull. Sorry. I’m just an user, like you, with a huge faith in COMODO. (resolving this will be great for me too!)

Let’s see what happens.

edit: some issues with RDP was claimed, that’s why I said to post info’s about NIC’s…