Firewall can not be activated in Windows 8.1

Downloaded 6.3 installed on Windows 8.1 Build 9600, but Firewall will not turn on, and trying the fix can not automatically fix it.

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Exact Same Issue,

On W8.1 preview build 9431, fix problem or repair no go. Uninstalled for now.

Did you use the MaxNumFilters fix?

I tried this with the previous version and found it didn’t work in 8.1 so uninstalled but forgot to remove MaxNumFilters from the registry, when I installed CIS 6.3 I had the same problem of the network firewall not functioning properly.

Fix for me was to delete the MaxNumFilters entry from HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network and uninstall CIS 6.3, reboot and re-install CIS 6.3 then reboot again.

Comodo Firewall is now working for me in 8.1 Pro after doing the above!

N0, comodo never installed here or any “fix” on W8.1
From cis report, the relevant lines,



Have you checked the registry to see IF there is a MaxNumFilters value there? If so, delete it and reboot then try installing again.

Got it working, seems to be a reg MaxNumFilter issue.

Checked the reg value and it was default dword (2), installed cis 6.2= no-go, applied reg tweak from here,

“Run regedit, go to this value
On the right side you will see MaxNumFilters REG_DWORD change it’s value from 1 to 8. Reboot your machine.”

Used the fix button, reboot= 6.2= working, updated to 6.3= working, dword still at (8), go figure ?.
Note I’m on W8.1 preview b 9431 so maybe the issue.