Firewall calls home?


I’m a very recent refugee from Sygate. I’ve just installed Comodo and I am still in the ‘playing-with-it’ phase so I have very limited knowledge of the product right now.

Question: Comodo appears to try to call home, or to the following IP which may or may not actually be home… (this IP resolves to

I have auto-update on the firewall unchecked (Advanced tab) so that should not be where the callout is originating. So, what part of the software is doing this, why is it doing it, and can I block it and still have the software work properly?

Thanks for the help! Cheers.

Comodo LaunchPad and Comodo PErsonal Firewall have different updaters. Make sure you disable automatic updates feature for both of them. Other than that, CPF does not request any internet connection except for some DNS queries.

Hello egemen.

Thanks for the super fast response! Ok, yes, I do have the LaunchPad installed. I see no option to shut off an auto-update for the LaunchPad. How do I do that?

Thanks again! Cheers.


Sorry it was my mistake. We havent released the CLP with that option yet. Can you please identify the process which tries to connect? CLPUpdater.exe?

Thanks for the reply and excuse the long delay for my response…

Both CLPUpdater.exe and CLPConfig.exe. Parent appears as CLPTray.exe.

Yes it is CLP automatic updater. Just block and remember the popup until we release the version which has the option to disable auto updates for CLP.


Egemen, when will that be? :slight_smile:

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Next week, when we release official CPF 2.3.

When you release the stable version of CPF, please include the chages made in CPF and also in CLP. Would like to see what’s new. :slight_smile:

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CPF is not installed here, only CAV, and some process is contacting

Cannot say which process is opening the port as the OS is Win2K.

Why is this occurring and how can the activity be stopped?


Do you have CAVS to auto update? What about the launchpad?


As any reasonable PC user would, I have Auto Updater enabled. I would prefer more granular settings (days rather than hours). Where are the default parameters documented?

Where are the settings for CPL. Oh! That’s been asked before (wait for beta 2.0). Why do you ask?

I asked to see what was actually contacting Comodo. As you have auto update enabled for CAVS then it may be this.