Firewall bypassed and keystrokes logged - CIS 4.1 on 64-bit Windows 7

Of course I will do that. :slight_smile:
I hope that would make it a little harder for malware to bypass Comodo on 64 bit Windows.

For now you can simply use the SSTS sourcecode to make malware bypassing Comodo. :frowning:

I’d welcome better support for 64bit, and also IPv6 to be honest, but then again it’s a free product and I guess a mix of what’s in the wild v.s. what could be done…

Yes it’s for that i prefer paid a KIS2011 licence; Also i’m staying to 2010 for now because .232a is a RC for me…

I hope CIS 2011 will be better in 64bit and also have a better GUI… But that said, CIS seems (is) excellent in 32bit(even with lastest MRG video :slight_smile: AND for free.

Me too using 64bit version of CIS4. Hope they can fix it very, very soon.

No progress with CIS 2011.

such alerts are shown only if the " select an action automatically " is unticked

is simply… kaspersky & agnitum (outpost fw) has security certificates who are signed by microsoft to bypass patchguard. they have ring0 access on win7 x64…