Firewall Bug

HI can anyone advise please.I posted on here the other day regarding my firewall which kept on playing up.I forgot to see what the error report was at the time.I uninstalled and reinstalled comodo firewall again but now its playing up again as it did the other day,but this time ive seen the error report.This is it

Name Description Type Size
TRACE.TXT crash log text document 11 KB
CRASH.DMP crash Dump DMPFile 105 KB

It came up and said"ooops you have found a bug in comodo firewall"

can anyone advise please.Thanks

Hi, which version are you using - the latest Have you considered reinstalling the firewall (I saw that you were thinking of that, in a previous post). Personally I haven’t experienced this bug.


yes i have that that version installed which i installed a matter of days ago.But now it seems to be affecting my emails because when i turn off my application control rules i get my emails and when i leave them on i dont.Its doing my head in.
ps also i have noticed when i am viewing my fireall my mouse cursor flickers on the screen but when im not viewing firewall its ok.

Will you compress the dump file to a zip archive and attach to your post under the bold red “Additional Options”?

That way the devs can examine it and see what’s going on. You might also want to file a ticket with Support, and provide them the dump file as well.

What other security software do you have running?

What Operating System and version?