Firewall/BoClean/AV software disk reads.

Hi there.
Ive noticed that my hard drive is reading endlessly the past few days. Curiosity got the better of me, and i had a look with FileMon to see what was happening.

The file attachment shows that for some reason, explorer.exe endlessly screens the comodo directories on my hard drive. Im not sure why ?? I did a chkdsk in case it was a file corruption/bad block issue, however nothing was found. Anyone else experiencing this ?

nb. the software in the tray is DirectoryOpus, Skype, DuMeter, ComodoBC, AV and firewall.
Closing them all makes no difference.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Explorer can host many .dll’s. Please run process explorer:

Do a search for the directory that is being open constantly and see if you can find the .dll that is actually generating this activity.