Firewall Blocks WDTVLIVE

W7, x64
Comodo Internet Security 4.1

I set my local networkd router ip range up in Comodo’s network zone. The range shows up in the Global Rules as allowed for both incoming and outgoing for the ip range.

Yet Comodo firewall continues to block my WDTVLIVE. I’ve tried setting the network zone to IP, TCP, TCP and UDP.

I disable the firewall and I connect.

Is there somewhere else I should be checking for a blocking rule?

What kind of program is WDTLIVE?

Can you show a screenshot of your firewall logs. They are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

This is wd live

I’m having the same issue.
With the fire wall on, if I type “net view” in a dos window none of the shares are seen
with the fire wall off the shares are seen, guessing a port or something is blocked.


What traffic does a firewall need to allow for it to function properly?

I’m not sure at this point. From what I’ve been reading, if you don’t see the shares when you do a “net view” there is an issue. So some setting is stopping that info from being broadcast to the network.
I believe the computer browser service is what controls that info.

Do the Firewall logs bring any more insight here?

I’ll have to check them when I get home, at work at the moment. I was going to post from home but it seems I’m blocked at home, message said I was banned because of spam but I haven’t logged into the site for a few months so not sure what’s going on there…

I will take a look at the situation with the login from your home. I see two notifications in the logs that you entered a wrong password twice earlier today.

I checked the IP addresses you used and the ban list but could not find a ban trigger in both. Are you sure you got a message about being banned because of spamming?

When you get the message again please take notice at what local time that happens and send me or any other mod a pm from work or other place and we will take a further look.

Ok, figured out the issue with the log on. I was trying to log in to the site from a pc that I was logged on to a vpn coming out of europe… sorry :slight_smile:

Checked the logs and dont really see anything. Still guessing the firewall is blocking the service’s broadcast.

Do your Global Rules look like this:

If so set the firewall to stealth settings using the Stealth Ports Wizard choosing the “Block all incoming connections” option.

After changing go to the Global Rules and change the block rule at the bottom to block and log. Hopefully we get some more reports from the firewall logs.

They look similar but not like that. Not sure how to post a screen shot…

Hi Dave.B,
How to take a screen shot without addition programs
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To attach the image to a post,
During posting choose Additional options, Attach: Choose file, navigate to the previously saved file, click on it and select open (Or double click) to attach.

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I see nothing in the logs, this is what I am talking about below(pretty sure it’s the problem)